Monday, 26 May 2008

The Butlers visited Birmingham!

Dear All,

We have nearly recovered from our visit to the 'Fierce Festival' yesterday in Birmingham, we were very kindly invited to participate in a old English village fete experience, created by ‘The Fete Encounter’. A wonderful day was had by all the Butlers, my colleagues will hopefully be putting some of their experiences on the blog in the coming days.

Myself, the strangest moment was being asked to put nail polish onto two charming ladies hands, not something I am accustomed to I might add, but a Butler needs to put their hands to many things!! An observation made by us all over the day was how polite everyone is in Birmingham, not once did we hear a cross word spoken and everyone was quite charming wherever we were throughout the City. Overall amongst bunting hanging, trolley repairing, gazebo anchoring, water hazard observations, cart guarding, nail polishing, march rallying and numerous photos. Thompson had a very pleasant and enjoyable day, with thanks to Jen and 'The Fete Encounter' for the invitation to provide services at their event.


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