Sunday, 19 August 2007

After the excitement of serving as a be-fez-ed Turkish doorman and as an Asian comedy stooge last night. I managed to grab a little lie-in this morning, before successfully delivering a message to a wonderful and celebrated gentleman, one of my favourite Festival experiences. As our sojourn in Edinburgh draws to a close, we are determined to have a calmer and more relaxed day, saying a fond farewell to all of our new-found friends.

Fletcher the Butler

Saturday, 18 August 2007

With spirits undampened by the persistent rain, I continue to notch up commission after commission, with my total today topping thirty. Serving up not one, but two breakfasts first thing, early mornings and late nights begin to take their toll as we approach the end of our butlering. But thoughts of imminent oasthouses sustain me, as does the steady diet of beautiful Indian food, fry-ups and haggis, neaps and tatties, not to mention the odd cup of tea (English Breakfast this time). And sustenance I need, as I prepare for my first appearance on stage at this year’s Festival!

Fletcher the Butler
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I am writing this as I shelter under a very large Fosters Umbrella in the Pleasance Courtyard, the rain continues to fall around me. A mixed week the of weather, well mainly rain and the occasional sunny spell (on Thursday!)

With time running away from me, i have spent the last couple of 4pm teas, in my current location, whilst catching up with correspondence and completing the final commissions. I have yet to ascertain the brand of tea served here, but one has now become accustomed to it soft mellow milky flavour. A deviance from the lovely loose teas tasted at Chai tea house at the beginning of the week.

An exciting happening once again for Thompson yesterday, although rather disturbing was a reassurance that festival security is being taken seriously. I was stopped by a couple of uniformed Police Officers and subjected to a body and belongings search under the new Terrorism Act. Whilst they were slightly officious at first, once understood my business within the city, and content i was not carrying anything illegal. I was awarded a certificate certifying my fully legal status (something i will not be showing Sir, could cause concerns and questions.)

With only a day and a half left at the festival, we are completing our last commissions, saying goodbye to friends old and new and catching those last minute shows we have promised ourselves.

For now from Rainy Edinburgh (Sun will appear shortly, I've been informed),


Friday, 17 August 2007

The weekend approaches and, over a Vanilla Chai, I muse about some of the commissions and the pleasure that they have brought to people. In particular I remember helping an overburdened woman with her large suitcase as she made her way to Waverley Station, and eliciting screams of delight on the delivery of a certain message. One young lady, on hearing about our service declared "It's like Christmas!", and so it almost is what with some of the weather we've been having! I take comfort in the fact that I can return to the security of our warm and toasty houseboat at the end of another busy day!

Fletcher the Butler

Although the highlight of yesterday was obviously a rather special Yuman Black Golden Tips, it was also marked by exciting message deliveries to a bank on Georgie and the office of The Scotsman. Since then, however Fletcher commissions have topped twenty with shows seen, breakfast bought, bags carried, trains caught and tasks even done for the British Broadcasting Corporation! As I attend another celebrity, my mind inevitably wanders to the nearby Richard Long exhibition, influenced as it is by the Dada ramblings of Tzara, Oast Housmann and Schwitters. After all, what separates Labhaoise and Lavnendula, De la Mare and De la Soul?

Fletcher the Butler

Thursday, 16 August 2007

The sun is trying to shine but the rain is winning at the present time!! Firstly to report on yesterdays exciting 4 pm tea, one decided upon the Chai tea house and banked for a unusual Huang Shan Moo Feug (Haung Shan Hair Point) a first for Thompson!

Exciting times were had for Thompson yesterday evening when he decided up a quant show titled 'Marcia Brown the unsung diva' staring Tamika Empson (from 3 non-blondes). One was head over feat when invited upon the stage to drink, relax and dance by Marcia Brown (aka. Tamika Brown). Alongside meeting Paul Zennon this has to be the biggest honour and pleasure in my career. I was reminded by ones colleagues this morning I had discussed hanging up ones hat last night, as nothing could beat that moment. But rest assured Thompson will continue to be in service and awaiting your call.

Still deciding upon the 4pm tea today, will post a report tomorrow,

For now,


Wednesday, 15 August 2007

A more leisurely pace has been felt by all the Butlers over the last couple of days. Although we have enough flyering to keep us going for weeks, I am currently flyering for three different shows, two of which I have had the pleasure of seeing already.

As the week has progressed we have found more friends of old, passed tales of the past year and compared our festival experiences so far and met some wonderful new ones, who have been so welcoming and friendly.

Yesterday early evening I had the up most pleasure of meeting 'Paul Zennon', charming, charismatic and a true gentleman. One must say Mr Zennon is somewhat of a hero for Thompson. As in my limited spare time from serving sir, one attempts to be a prestigitateur (not of the same calibre.) Having given Mr Zennon a card, one hopes he may call for my services.

I am currently writing this on a personal computer terminal at the Assembly Venues private club lounge for Festival Performers and Press. I was given the festival pass from a promotion consultant in recompense for of accompanying him to a show. I must say it is so nice to sit in such comfortable surrounding and with good such breeding. I do hope i have the time to return later in the week.

Almost forgot, I am currently drinking a cup of twinning English breakfast, but am hoping to return to Chai for 4pm tea to try there Oolong.

For now,


Much of yesterday was spent honing my flyering technique, the root of which is a particular brand of joyful and energetic attack in presentation learned from a champion flyerer on the Royal Mile. Having located Howie Nicholsby, I am free to indulge in cay and lahmacum, before an evening of rain, cocoa (at the Soco) and late haggis. This morning the sun is shining and, with no early commissions I can afford to relax with chai, plum bread and the merest snifter of Bruichladdich Redolent with the hoppy fragrance of Kentish oasthouses and seaweed!

Fletcher the Butler

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

2007 Photographs now in our gallery

A little note while i am sitting in the Pleasance Courtyard, my umbrella sheltering the Butlers Mobile Personal Computer. We now have some photographs of our adventures in the beautiful City of Edinburgh in the photo gallery.

You can find the gallery on our Butler's website click on 'Gallery' then click on the text link.

More photographs to follow soon,


Having seen little of the other Butlers yesterday, it's nice to sit down for a vanilla latte with the team and catch up. It was another early start for me, shopping, cleaning and carrying for a regular client and his family, the moast housework I've done in a long time. Luckily I was sustained by the Mate tea that i sampled last night. The rest of today may prove more leisurely although of course, I still have to locate Howie Nicholsby! And there's the small issue of hot Cocoa this evening. Then i just wait for the phone to ring once more!

Fletcher the Butler

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August 13th - Well things are very exciting! Ten commissions in two days, and that is just for Fletcher! During one employment late last night I received a delicious pot of Pu Erh Tea in recompense, rivalling the fine mint infusion that I'm currently supping in my favourite Turkish establishment. An early start today, providing a surprise breakfast in West End. I've seen no shows as yet but am tempted by a little gem entitled "Eine Kleine Oasthaus", if tickets are still available. Now, perhaps a mixed meze!

Fletcher the Butler

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Monday, 13 August 2007

Hypnosis and morning pancakes

Another eventful day at the festival, firstly though the events from last night. Hopkins and myself were asked to buttle at 'Stef's Sidesplitting Hypnosis' show, being held at a luxurious members club. Initially tasked to welcome guests and take care of their well being. We were kindly offered the opportunity to observe the evening show. Initially thinking Hypnosis may not the first choice for a Butler's evening entertainment, one can only say SUPERB!! There were laughs, jollity, good spirits and an immense level of skill required to perform such a turn.

Today started with a lovely commission of cooking pancakes for the cast of 'The Florists' a delightful group, much fun was received by us Butler's and hopefully by them. Butler Hopkins will expand more on this when he has the opportunity to access the Butler mobile personal computer.

From all accounts my fellow Butler's have had a busy afternoon and evening so reports to follow.

One last note for 4pm Tea tonight I had a tea served in a paper cup, novelty for myself. Unfortunately I am unsure of the brands spelling, so details to follow.



Sunday, 12 August 2007

First whole day at the fringe 2007, already had two commissions , one as a flyerer for a hypnotism show and one as a butler making breakfast in a home of a group of cast from a show(planned for Monday).
Fringe Sunday was a great way of advertising the butlers.
On to providing tea for a hypnotism show later.

kind regards

Hopkins the Butler.
I am currently residing in a small Internet cafe about to drink my 4pm tea, having just spent the afternoon with my fellow Butlers at the Fringe Sunday Festivities. It was quite eventful for myself, taking part in a first aid training session with the British Red Cross, learning the important art of making one comfortable if not arousable and lying on the floor. Something I do hope will not be needed whilst I am in service. But I must say the Red Cross do a sterling job, the tutor was very helpful and understanding of a Butler's concern regarding his gentleman's tailoring whilst these techniques are employed (recovery position, my notes inform me.) Maybe this is something that will be considered by first aid providers of the future.

My tea has arrived today just a simple Tetley tea bag in a china tall cup and saucer. Kindly the assistant waited for 4 pm before serving, it is good to see standards are upheld here in Scotland.

This evening myself and Hopkins will be serving tea and light refreshments before a Hypnosis show, more details are on the web site.

On an administration note, if anyone would like to leave any comments regarding any blog entry, click on the comments below the relevant entry. Any problems let myself know.

Until tomorrow 4pm,


Thompson the Butler.

The Butlers have arrived!

The Butlers finally arrived in Edinburgh late yesterday, travelling through a landscape replete with grey rain and bereft of oasthouses. First priority of course, was a decent cup of tea. Thompson chose his usual Assam, I plumbed for a refreshing Oolong, Hopkins got carried away with a strawberry and lotus flower concoction. Despite it being Saturday night, we were soon meeting friends old and new, and taking our first commissions. It seems that we are in for a busy time!

Fletcher the Butler

Thursday, 9 August 2007

The Butlers are pleased to announce that they are embarking tomorrow morning for the fair city of Edinburgh, stopping along the way to peruse some oasthouses, climb some crags and eat some fish pie. We look forward to meeting friends old and new from 12th August.

We trust we may be of service,

Butlers Thompson, Hopkins and Fletcher

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