Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Science Butlers

On Saturday 5th July, the Science Butlers made
their debut at Winchester Hat Fair, offering to
demonstrate the scientific processes that are
involved in being of service to our respective
masters and mistresses. Butlers Edgar and Fletcher,
along with new butler Heward, took to the streets
with delicate trolleys loaded up with all manner
of butlerial equipment necessary to accomplish the
'morning routine', serve breakfast and lay the
perfect dining table. Braving a perilous wind, we
astonished passers-by with disappearing wine,
exploding Alka Seltzer, instant ice, spinning eggs
and volcanic milk, and could have continued to
demonstrate to large crowds through the day, if
we hadn't been keen to reflect upon our exploits,
imbibe a little lunchtime libation, and purchase
some most excellent chai from a local emporium.
However, this first experiment in science butlering
was adjudged a resounding success, and served as
a perfect preview to the next and more developed
Science Butlers outing, where Edgar, Fletcher and
Heward shall be joined by butlers Hopkins and
Thompson. In the meantime, we now look ahead to
August and Edinburgh, where we hope to renew our
acquaintance with some familiar faces, and be of
service to new Sirs and Modams.

Fletcher the Butler


antoniaa said...

Hey, Butlers, can you remind me how you did that volcanic milk trick? That was cool!

Butler Fletcher said...

Thank you, modam, for your kind enquiry. For the volcanic milk trick, you will need some high fat milk, food colouring and washing up liquid. Add the food colouring to the milk, then a drop of washing up liquid, and the volcano will begin.
If you find the reaction a little insipid, then add a touch of single cream to the milk before you commence. Of course, all of our scientific processes will be posted on our allied Science Butlers website shortly - - so do take a look if you require further assistance. Glad to be of service.

Fletcher the Butler