Monday, 13 September 2010

Thursday 26th August - Facts and Fictions

The Butlers en masse engaged in a most complex and extended undertaking this morning, measuring a modest artwork of threads and hues in three dimensions on behalf of the Festival Fringe Society, in order to arrive at a precisely calculated span of 425 feet 6 inches. As ever, one thing led to another and an exciting commission ensued, about which more anon. In the meantime, Fletcher was pleased to offer a degree of cognisance enhancement, uncovering information regarding the singular assassination of a British Prime Minister and the resonant plot of 'Logan's Run'. He then found time to deliver a delightful card and menus to a young lady in the Meadows, before assembling with Butlers Thompson, Jancis and Newsam for a most excellent repast with old friends in Brunswick Street, accompanied by delicate and inspiring animations. Taking their leave at a sensibly early hour, Butlers Fletcher and Jancis then made their way via inexpensive Edinburgh taxi to a bustling poker party, where they were pleased to serve drinks for a goodly spell to the grateful players. Following this, instead of properly retiring to their beds, they chose to seek out an encounter with the challenging legacy of Tadeusz Kantor, in so doing crossing the path of a certain Mr. Demarco, whose company these simple Butlers felt most privileged to keep. This was one late night which fully justified itself.

Fletcher the Butler

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good points and the details are more precise than somewhere else, thanks.

- Norman