Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Sunday 22nd August - Fine Weather and Flash Mobs

The day being fine, the Butlers decided to take the opportunity to undertake their first measurements of elevation. Commissions had already been received to calculate the altitude of Venues 45 and 115, although Jeffrey Street proved a challenge even to their seasoned skills.  Fletcher followed these exertions with some delivering of messages and certificates, but these duties were necessarily curtailed as Butlers Fletcher, Thompson and Purcell were keen to sample the ample delights of the Royal Mile, where rather splendid teas were taken by all. Somewhat surprisingly, Fletcher and Thompson then found themselves donning gold wigs in order to conger through the teeming Edinburgh streets,

an activity that was thankfully little documented! Then it was straight off to Drummond Street, where an alarmingly colourful jacket was delivered to a gentleman who apparently ‘belonged to the 1980s’. The day ended with Butlers Newsam and Fletcher attending their first performances of the Festival, culminating in a cannibalistic feast in the very bowels of the city. Needless to say, the meal itself did not match the dizzy delights of the haggis pie that Fletcher had earlier acquired from his favourite purveyor, an establishment long known to bake well.


Fletcher the Butler 


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Whoopie! pies are always good