Sunday, 22 August 2010

Saturday 21st August - Fish that are Kinky

Released from customary duties by their various employers, the Butlers converged on Edinburgh by plane, train and automobile. Having broken their journey with an overnight sojourn at the majestic Durham Castle, guests of the Wing Commander, Butlers Fletcher and Thompson traversed the impressive Scottish Borders and arrived first at the Festival accommodations, full of nostalgia and anticipation. Butlers Newsam, Purcell and Jancis soon followed, but there was little time for the social niceties as Fletcher and Newsam made their way swiftly across town to the salubrious surroundings of the Royal Scots Club, where they were able to be of service to arriving guests. It was inspiring to note how the Club maintained its strict dress code despite the Festival, although the clientele displayed a refreshing lack of those cloying ‘lardy-da’ qualities which frequently attach to such places. Fletcher then proceeded – delivering Certificates of Elevation as he went - to the more homely ambience of the Forest Fringe where he was soon giving advice to a young lady with aesthetic tastes. Finally, the Butlers assembled for a late evening malt in their traditional watering hole, the Pleasance Courtyard, where new friends provided an enlivening and fitting conclusion to this first day of our fifth year.


Fletcher the Butler


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Elsie Cellany said...

What a great start butlers! seems you were in great demand as soon as you arrived! you'll be missed at the manor house! make the most of your time in Edinburgh.. enjoy!
remember time goes quickly when you are having fun-one puff and it's scone!