Thursday, 14 August 2008

Half Way

I had been remarking that my Butlerial activities seemed to be confined to a relatively small area of the old town, but yesterday saw me kettering hither and thither o’er hill and dale to accomplish far-flung commissions. I acted as guide, delivered flowers, announced myself to the passers-by of Hanover street as ‘Laura Keeler’, sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and finally tracked down the elusive Mr Bailey. I even had time to peruse the reserve stack at Edinburgh’s wonderful central library, in search of Bird puns. And choughed I was wren I displovered so many, and without puffin eider! Several tasks are already lined up for today, including a guest appearance in another show, and we look forward to s tryst with our old friends the S.R. Gents.

Fletcher the Butler


Anonymous said...

Well done for tracking down the wonderful (part troll) Bill Bailey
Sterling work Fletcher !

Anonymous said...

it was an absolute pleasure to meet you chaps once more, indeed one of the highlights of edinburgh again. we have come to the conclusion that Mr Fletcher is the Leon of the butlers, the lone assasin. we must endeavour to obtain a picture of him carrying a lily while holding the hand of a young girl! in fact, that may well be a task when we meet the next time.
the pleasure was ours sirs, yet again.
SR Gents