Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Rain, more rain and late nights

The persistent rain which continues to dog Edinburgh fails to dampen our spirits and we notch up more commissions, sourcing padlocks and presents, reciting poems, servicing dinner parties and causing a stir with our daily afternoon drinking of tea. Havering between a choice of lunchtime hostelries yesterday, we chose to renew our acquaintance with a favourite Turkish bistro, where we partook of a delightful meze platter and peppermint infusion. While there , my services were requested as Birthday Butler to a certain Mr L, with whom I ended up on stage in two prestigious comedy entertainments later in the day, rubbing shoulders with a bright young things of the comedy firmament. As we approach he mid-point in our festival sojourn, we are not only beginning to see shows, but to appear in them too! What further excitements can the week bring?

Fletcher the butler

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

And so Butler fame grows !
spread by word of mouth without need for tendring of your splendid services
well done guys!