Monday, 24 August 2009

Sunday 16/8 Goodbyes

Another marvellous Edinburgh experience drew towards
its close, and we resolved to relax a little on our
final day, seeing shows by friends and saying fond
farewells to those who would be here for another
fortnight, at least. I spent the morning delivering
the last of our Certificates of Elevation for this
year - 12 down, 357 to go! Then it was a whistle
stop in our favourite Turkish establishment before
rushing to ketch a comedic entertainment in Guthrie
Street. A rather busy afternoon tea was shared with
Greyfriars Bobby, followed by a trawl through the
enticing emporia of Victoria Street, before Mr.
Hopkins and I made our way across to the New Town
for a little home-town stand-up at The Phoenix.
Finally, an evening of goodbyes began at Zoo
Southside, where Mr. Tubbs' appointment to the
ranks of honorary Butler was celebrated, before
proceeding to the familiar surroundings of the
Pleasance Courtyard to share a libation with the
likes of the delightful Ms. Gulati. Then, warmed by
a last silken malt, we raised anchor and sailed
away into a glorious sunset for another year.
Fletcher the Butler

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