Saturday, 18 August 2007

I am writing this as I shelter under a very large Fosters Umbrella in the Pleasance Courtyard, the rain continues to fall around me. A mixed week the of weather, well mainly rain and the occasional sunny spell (on Thursday!)

With time running away from me, i have spent the last couple of 4pm teas, in my current location, whilst catching up with correspondence and completing the final commissions. I have yet to ascertain the brand of tea served here, but one has now become accustomed to it soft mellow milky flavour. A deviance from the lovely loose teas tasted at Chai tea house at the beginning of the week.

An exciting happening once again for Thompson yesterday, although rather disturbing was a reassurance that festival security is being taken seriously. I was stopped by a couple of uniformed Police Officers and subjected to a body and belongings search under the new Terrorism Act. Whilst they were slightly officious at first, once understood my business within the city, and content i was not carrying anything illegal. I was awarded a certificate certifying my fully legal status (something i will not be showing Sir, could cause concerns and questions.)

With only a day and a half left at the festival, we are completing our last commissions, saying goodbye to friends old and new and catching those last minute shows we have promised ourselves.

For now from Rainy Edinburgh (Sun will appear shortly, I've been informed),


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