Sunday, 12 August 2007

I am currently residing in a small Internet cafe about to drink my 4pm tea, having just spent the afternoon with my fellow Butlers at the Fringe Sunday Festivities. It was quite eventful for myself, taking part in a first aid training session with the British Red Cross, learning the important art of making one comfortable if not arousable and lying on the floor. Something I do hope will not be needed whilst I am in service. But I must say the Red Cross do a sterling job, the tutor was very helpful and understanding of a Butler's concern regarding his gentleman's tailoring whilst these techniques are employed (recovery position, my notes inform me.) Maybe this is something that will be considered by first aid providers of the future.

My tea has arrived today just a simple Tetley tea bag in a china tall cup and saucer. Kindly the assistant waited for 4 pm before serving, it is good to see standards are upheld here in Scotland.

This evening myself and Hopkins will be serving tea and light refreshments before a Hypnosis show, more details are on the web site.

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Until tomorrow 4pm,


Thompson the Butler.

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Anonymous said...

glad to hear that some standards are maintained in the modern world.

sr gents x