Wednesday, 15 August 2007

A more leisurely pace has been felt by all the Butlers over the last couple of days. Although we have enough flyering to keep us going for weeks, I am currently flyering for three different shows, two of which I have had the pleasure of seeing already.

As the week has progressed we have found more friends of old, passed tales of the past year and compared our festival experiences so far and met some wonderful new ones, who have been so welcoming and friendly.

Yesterday early evening I had the up most pleasure of meeting 'Paul Zennon', charming, charismatic and a true gentleman. One must say Mr Zennon is somewhat of a hero for Thompson. As in my limited spare time from serving sir, one attempts to be a prestigitateur (not of the same calibre.) Having given Mr Zennon a card, one hopes he may call for my services.

I am currently writing this on a personal computer terminal at the Assembly Venues private club lounge for Festival Performers and Press. I was given the festival pass from a promotion consultant in recompense for of accompanying him to a show. I must say it is so nice to sit in such comfortable surrounding and with good such breeding. I do hope i have the time to return later in the week.

Almost forgot, I am currently drinking a cup of twinning English breakfast, but am hoping to return to Chai for 4pm tea to try there Oolong.

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