Tuesday, 18 August 2009

14/8 The rain, it raineth every day

This was to have been a day of measuring, but rain
cut a swathe across the city, and I had to content
myself with a good deal of messaging instead. The
delivery of messages is, of course, ever a pleasure,
particularly when addressed to somewhat famous people.
However, it was a special thrill today to be asked to
deliver a proposal of marriage which, I understand,
was accepted. After sheltering another young lady
from the rain on the Royal Mile, all the while plying
her with rather lovely Orkney cheese, Newsam and I,
together with our Artist in Residence Ms. Leibl,
decided to brave the inclemency and at least attempt
a little surveying. Thus, we made our way to Nicolson
Street, encumbered with tripod and level, and
accomplished our most complex calculation of elevation,
before retiring damply to a new favourite eatery for
lashings of chai. The evening was spent in excellent
company over dinner, the highlight of which proved to
be a most lively whisky-tasting, the winner of which
modesty forbids me from revealing. Fletcher the

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