Monday, 10 August 2009

Sunday 9/8 Benchmarks, old friends and cocoa

Our first full day of butlering began with the customary breakfast
meeting over a latte at the Hub, before our duties took us separate
ways. I carried guitars and delivered messages, before embarking on an
arduous and futile journey through the crowded city streets with
theodolite and tripod, following which pakoras and masala chai were
most definately in order. Our hunt for benchmarks proved gratifyingly
successful, celebrated with a goodly dram of Laphraoig and a chat with
Peter Duncan in the Pleasance Courtyard, before curry and cocoa
rounded off the day. A late night sighting of Butoh was marred by the
battleship grey skies overhead, which opened to precipitate the first
steady and persistent rain that we have so far seen, but our spirits
refuse to be dampened. Fletcher the Butler

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Elsie Cellany said...

I trust you were awarded a Blue Peter