Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Monday 10/8 Elevations, tisanes and antipodeans

How excellent it was to commence an admittedly drizzly day with our first
stint of surveying, during which we were able to calculate the elevation of
Venues One and Two. Hopkins met an enthusiastic local businessman, and I
took a midnight commission, before repairing to a favourite Turkish
hostelry for an excellent meze platter and outstanding fresh apple tisane.
Then it was up to the Royal Mile, more replete with the barque and babble
of flyerers than I had ever seen it. The remains of the day and evening
were spent in occasional completion of commissions, punctuated by the odd
Islay malt and benchmark-searching down-time, during which I encountered a
most charming antipodean gentleman. But what a late-night finish, prompting
a much-needed butlerial lie-in, methinks! Fletcher the Butler

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