Thursday, 6 August 2009

The start of Edinburgh 2009

As Butlers begin to converge on Edinburgh for a record fourth consecutive year, I can only say how ferry excited I am to be returning, and expectant of a marvellous and most stimulating sojourn. We shall, of course, be offering our traditional services to friends old and new during the course of our visit, as well as individual specialisms. I shall be hand-delivering messages on a silver platter. Hopkins shall be undertaking journeys, both psychogeographic and otherwise. Newsam shall be documenting and recording, as ever. Edgar, who we are pleased to welcome back after three years, shall be acting as chaperon,  as will Heward, the first female Butler to journey North of the Border. All of this, and we shall also be endeavouring to measure the height above sea level of Fringe venues, using a plethora of traditional surveying instruments. Busy we shall be, then, but sustained by the thought of four o'clock tea and cake, and well as the odd haggis supper and wee dram. We are as excited as Butlers are decently allowed to get!

Fletcher the Butler 

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Elsie Cellany said...

Ah.... Edinburgh!
Hope the long journey up was comfortable? with little traffic and a following wind maybe you were able to reach 'Bonnie Scotland' scooner rather than later! and managed to clipper few minutes off your usual journey time?
Have Fun!