Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The first two days of Edgar's return

After a trouble-free journey from southern England, Edgar returned to
the Edinburgh Fringe with his colleague Heward who was preparing for
her first. Both were keen to get started with commissions for
residents, tourist and players. Accomodation at the delightfully
situated Morton Hall is wonderful and so with shirts pressed and shoes
shined Heward and Edgar felt optimistic about the week ahead. Both
were pleased to liase at The Hub with the other Butlers and to meet
Artist in Residence and documenter Marion. Plenty of networking
throughout the day, tea taken in Greyfriars Cemetary, first commission
secured and the day finished with a small libation with Hopkins at
Morton Hall.

Mother Nature gave us a cleansing shower overnight and suitably
refreshed the Butlers set about their measuring project starting with
Venue 1. Edgar proceeded to fly the Mile for a couple of hours
promoting responses ranging from "Genius" to "It's a sham". In
addition, one potential client thought it valuable for audiences to
know the height above sea level of venues to avoid any adverse
reaction to altitude which might impact upon their health or enjoyment
of the show. Edgar and Heward took an invisible tea on the Mile. One
commission completed, a further commission secured and two wonderful
shows viewed rounded off the day.

Edgar the Butler.

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petrina said...

Yay Edgar! Back at the festival, have fun!! xo