Sunday, 9 August 2009

Saturday 8/8 Into the Fray

Well, the Butlers have arrived in Edinburgh. Having checked into our
palatial accomodation, we relaxed in warm afternoon sunshine with
welshcakes and an excellent spicey chai. But the forthcoming excitement
of the vibrant city streets was soon tugging at us, and so we donned the
Butlerial garb and made our first acclimatising reconnaisance. Hopkins
was quick to remark that the atmosphere was "not as good as previous
years", but all it took was a little haggis on the Royal Mile for us to
hit our stride. I was thrilled to locate my first Ordnance Survey
benchmark, and both Hopkins and I undertook our first commissions. The
evening ending in the company of a rather alarming contortionist and
escapologist. All in all, an excellent start to our sojourn.

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Elsie Cellany said...

Contortionists are ALWAYS somewhat alarming!(remember the performers we saw recently on the south bank?) hee hee! canoe imagine being so long and narrow,as to be able to tie your whole self in a knot!