Sunday, 5 August 2012

5th August 2012 - On our way

With the Edinburgh Fringe Festival now underway, Butlers Fletcher,
Thompson, Jancis and Jennings are beginning to wend their way from the
four corners of these islands to that Athens of the North to lend
their altruistic assistance to all and sundry. Over the coming week,
they will be jointly and severally arriving to survey the lie of the
land and experience an all too scant selection of theatrical
performances, meeting friends old and new, before donning their
butlerial garb and enthusiastically commencing work on Sunday 12th
August, the prospect of which fills them with a veritable tisane of
anticipation. How may we be of service?


Elsie Cellany said...

How the excitement mounts!
as a team of butlers assambles for this year's fringe

Elsie Cellany said...

How Excitement mount,as this year's team of Buters assamble!