Thursday, 16 August 2012

Thursday 16th August

Yesterday was most definitely a day of superlatives. Butlers Fletcher
and Jennings, accompanied by Butler Newsam, began their duties once
again at the memorial to William Topaz McGonagall in Greyfriars
Kirkyard. Feeling bold, I took on the complexities of his "The
Rattling Boy from Dublin", in the full knowledge that his own
recitation of this work was greeted with great misunderstanding, and
his first pelting with a plate of peas. Fortunately, my meagre effort
was overheard by a small group of afficionados, who rewarded it with
gleeful approbation and insisted on the declamation of further poetic
texts, Butler Jennings and I being most happy to oblige. Then, after a
short detour to the Court of Sessions, fruitlessly seeking information
regarding their most interesting roof on behalf of Butler Newsam, I
made my way down to Edinburgh's New Town, where I partook of a most
refined salmon luncheon before meeting with a certain Mr. Smith in
order to assist him with some wireless radio recording for the British
Broadcasting Corporation, the meandering journey which we took
together ending in a tryst with another most interesting and humorous
gentleman at Venue 23. Thereafter discharged from my obligations, I
made my way to the ever-welcoming Hunt and Darton Cafe for a
much-needed afternoon beverage and Hunt, sensing my need, provided me
with a most stimulating cup of special tea, which at once became a
very firm favourite. Then, with umbrella raised against the
vicissitudes of driving rain, I and Butler Jennings made our way to
the cultured environs of Summerhall where, joined by Butler Jancis, we
enjoyed a most convivial and alarmingly late evening of conversation
and debate with new-found friends.

Fletcher the Butler

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