Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunday 12th August

With all the Butlers - Messrs. Fletcher, Thompson, Jancis and Jennings
- now ensconced - our duties can today begin in earnest. However, I
already found myself donning the formal butlerial garb and undertaking
commissions yesterday, such is the demand for our services. The day
began with the distributing of Certificates of Fringe Accomplishment
along the length of the Royal Mile. As ever, the kind people at Venue
40 were particularly taken with the celebratory gesture, insisting on
a photograph of the moment of presentation. Then it was to Venue 45,
to receive tea and careful instructions on meeting a certain young
lady off the London train at Waverley Station. This duly accomplished,
I made my now familiar way to the Hunt and Darton Cafe for a series of
delightful afternoon encounters with friends old and new, notably with
a gentlemen most generous of spirit, whose commission to take a
photograph of him became a commission to be taken in a photograph with
him. All that remained thereafter was for the now united Butlers to
take the evening air, completing their perambulations by supping on
coco pops and haggis (though thankfully not in the same glass).

Fletcher the Butler

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