Friday, 10 August 2012

Friday 10th August

After a delightful al fresco breakfast with off-duty Butler Jancis at
the epicentre of Edinburgh's official Festival, the rest of yesterday
morning was spent in esenchal peregrination, first by bus to a
suburban library at Venue 378, the highest number at this year's
Fringe, and from there to the venue which held the highest number ever
awarded - Venue 389 in 2010. During my travels, I was most gratified
to see a Certificate of Fringe Accomplishment prominently and proudly
displayed in front of Zoo Southside, the scene of many a memorable
butlerial encounter in previous years. A bright and sunny lunch was
taken during a first visit to the familiar Pleasance Courtyard (where
another Certificate was delivered), before attending a most appealing
and heart-warming one-woman show at the historic and newly rebranded
Venue 139. Then it was hot-foot to Summerhall, perusing small guitars
as I went, to once again meet the legendary Mr. Demarco, attend a most
excellent and gorgeous dadaist musical presentation, and sip vin rouge
while serenaded by accordion and violin. Life does not get much better
than this.

Fletcher the Butler

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