Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wednesday 8th August

With two off-duty Butlers - Fletcher and Jancis - already in
Edinburgh, word of our upcoming provision of services is already being
spread. No sooner had I arrived yesterday than I was up on the Royal
Mile in early evening sunshine, listening to a fascinating variety of
musical offerings, and indulging in brief and joyous conversations
with a plethora of eager performers, both trousered and otherwise. My
meandering explorations took me eventually to the Hunt and Darton
Cafe, which I feel may become a home-from-home at this year's Fringe
festival. The pekoe event of my first evening came at Venue 39, where
I saw a charming show by an old friend, followed by a celebratory
prosecco and the requisite late-night haggis. So far, so very good.

Fletcher the Butler

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