Monday, 13 August 2012

Day One - 12th August

Having passed the previous week in the garb of a mufti-clad off-duty
Butler and needing to spend time transitioning from my former
accommodation to my present abode, it was not until the afternoon of
the 12th that I was able to explore this Athens of the North in
suitable attire. (Last year I was informed that the city of Edinburgh
received the nickname of "The Athens of the North" due to the Seven
Hills of Rome. The gentleman didn't explain the reason for this.)

The Royal Mile presented a wealth of interesting persons as always.
Butler Thompson was most curious as to whether any performance might
involve partaking in or mention of tea. Many were quick to state that
this could indeed be included in the show.

I myself was presented with a flyer folded in the shape of a swan and
I must compliment the attention shown, in that the information was
still imparted with no cause to destroy the work. It sits now on my
shelf next to my tomes of Mr. N. Clayton's guides to grooming and
table manners. Two gentlemen approached me dressed in a similar manner
to myself. I wondered if they were another service of Butlers but they
were in fact trying to bring worshippers to a local synagogue.

Thompson and I attended a performance of steampunk fairy tales so that
Thompson could review the show and present the performers with a
certificate comparing the show to tea (a very high honour). As I ate a
jacket potato, I received a message from Butler Fletcher informing me
of 'amazing happenings', which are my favourite form of happenings.

All four Butlers finally gathered in one place to witness a young
lady's show which attempted to tell the story of love thanks to
time-travelling, but an issue with technology left her drastically
attempting to explain the nonsensical light and sound cues.

Tired from a long day, the Butlers went their separate ways to
contemplate the day's events and partake in a good night's sleep.

Jancis the Butler

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