Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Day 3 - 14th August

Once more, the Butlers started with a nice breakfast and the gathering
of five of our number at a table. This done, we indulged in some more
McGonagalling, where I read his Jottings of New York (which he
compared unfavourably with Dundee, with nothing as pretty in America
as the Tay Bridge)."The Professor" was then taken to see a variety of
Certificates of Elevation and Fringe Accomplishment. When asked if we
might photograph a venue's back wall where five such were displayed,
the young lady at the box office stared hard at the wall behind her
before we pointed out that we were interested in the Certificates a
few inches to her right and not the wall itself.

As we walked the streets we were enticed into seeing a collection of
Commedia Dell'Arte masks made in Italy as well as a short performance.
Following that, a goodly time was spent exploring a large venue where
various amazing things were found such as a desecrated sheep, the
horse that was a founding member of the Edinburgh Festival and rotting
melons on a pole. We left to a woman exclaiming, "There are more of
you!? I was about to say something unsuitable!"

Lunch was taken at a local religious kitchen and was very much
enjoyed. Butler Fletcher serenaded us with a Woody Guthrie song about
his dry bed, to the bemusement of onlookers, and I confused Hobson's
Horse with Shanks' Pony, an easy mistake to make. We then proceeded to
a cafe, upon entering which I was loudly greeted by a gentleman for
whom I had found a dance partner last year, and of whom I made polite
enquiries about the whereabouts of his bicycle. We took mint tea and
admired a gentleman on the pavement outside with massive hair. Butler
Fletcher received an award for showing great loyalty to the cafe.

Rejoining our friends the Graduands in the evening, we went to see a
theatrical presentation together, and were then commissioned to
prepare supper for them, that old stalwart of lasagne standing us in
good stead. Sadly, we had to part company after the meal, but the
washing up must be done and a Butler is the gentleman to do it.

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