Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tuesday 14th August

Yesterday, breakfast with Butlers Jancis and Jennings in a charming
establishment overlooked by the towering majesty of Castle Rock was
followed by our daily peregrinage to Greyfriars Kirkyard, where I gave
William Topaz McGonagall's "Ode to William McGonagall" (despite his
strenuous claim that this particular laudatory verse was not of his
pen) in homage to the great man. I then had to hurry away to prepare,
in the quietude of the Royal Museum of Scotland and over a fragrant
jasmine infusion, for a particularly involved commission at Venue 34,
where I was to give notes to an improvisatory cast in place of their
unavoidably absent director. Thankfully, these notes were taken in
good part, following which I proceeded to Venue 82 (dropping off a
Certificate of Fringe Accomplishment at Venue 139 en route), in order
to imbibe a glass of vin rouge in their convivial al fresco bar with
the newly arrived Butler Newsam, and view a delightful theatrical
presentation which playfully explored the fripperous lives of those
Bright Young Things of London's 1930s. However, I had no time to take
the air with the talented cast afterwards, as I had a long-anticipated
appointment with the Suzuki Company of Toga at Edinburgh's King's
Theatre where, sitting in the front row, I was able to witness up
close some of the great performers of the contemporary world stage. An
exceptional Vietnamese supper completed what was yet another extremely
satisfying butlerial day.

Fletcher the Butler

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