Thursday, 9 August 2012

Thursday 9th August

Yesterday, after two short bouts of bird-spotting in West Princes
Street Gardens (one with a delightful group of Americans who thought
that I was 'The Birdman'), I availed myself of Edinburgh's most
excellent bus network and travelled out to Venues 83 and 120 to
deliver the first of many Certificates of Fringe Accomplishment.
Returning, I spent a quiet and studious hour in the Central Library,
perusing copies of the Edinburgh Evening News from 1947 and 1948,
before meeting with Butler Jancis for a wholly satisfying
Toad-in-the-Hole at the Hunt and Darton Cafe. Then, determined to walk
off this working lunch, I made my way out to Summerhall, by which I
was most taken, for a convivial meeting surrounded by Fringe
memorabilia and the artworks of one Joseph Beuys, followed by a
leisurely vin rouge in a delightfully arty quadrangle. More
certificates were then delivered in the late afternoon sun - to Venues
17, 26 and 72 - before my daily cummunion with the crowds on the Royal
Mile, followed by an unaccustomed musical theatre presentation at
Venue 36 to end another busy off-duty day.

Fletcher the Butler

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