Saturday, 10 August 2013

Friday 9th August - Aquamarine and Reds

Today Fletcher made an early start, walking across this Athens of the
North with commuters before the Fringe was even awake, to take up his
position as office Butler for the morning with an extraordinary and
inspiring company dealing with the generation of wave power. It was a
plover to be of service, undertaking such tasks as tea- and
coffee-making, the serving of cakes, conference-calling, office
recycling, jewellery untangling, and even the reciting of a little
McGonagall. A reporter happened to be on hand, and so more can be seen
of Fletcher's exploits at
. Dismissed at lunchtime, he took the opportunity to deliver a
far-flung Certificate of Accomplishment and acquire some lovingly
hand-blended tea before hopping on a passing omnibus to Anteaques for
a swift tarry souchong, thence to Summerhall for a lazy afternoon of
red wine and fine conversation, punctuated by a beautiful homage to
Messrs. Demarco and Beuys, and a somewhat patchy game of chess with
John Cage and Samuel Beckett. But work called in the evening, with the
presentation of a birthday cake at Zoo Southside and the delivery of
an astonishing and rare gift in Abbeyhill, proving once again how
varied and rewarding this year's Festival continues to be.

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