Saturday, 10 August 2013

Saturday 10th August - Arrivals and Recitations

Saturdays are always hawkward days at the Fringe, when the already
busy streets become impossibly crowded and even hardened participants
wish for a little rest and recuperation. This was made possible today
by the arrival in Edinburgh of Butler Thompson, whose need to
acclimatise and adjust to the heady atmosphere of the Festival allowed
for a leisurely re-introduction to its excesses. Still, Fletcher had
his commissions to perform, which saw him bearing a heartfelt cake
from Zoo Southside to C Nova, an offering which was received with
great warmth and emotion. Then a colourful stroll with Thompson down
the Mile led inexorably to the Blue Nun and jigsaws of the Hunt and
Darton Cafe, after which Thompson was in fine fettle for beginning his
homage to The Great Lafayette in front of the Edinburgh Playhouse and
Greyfriars Bobby, while Fletcher gave his first recitation - of "The
Burning of the People's Variety Theatre, Aberdeen" - at the house of
the Poet McGonagall's passing. Appetites were then assuaged with a
deep fried minced pie and a tipple of Scottish cider to conclude this
full day.

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