Thursday, 15 August 2013

Wednesday 14th August - Pots and Pans

Usually the Butlers have a clear sense of what a commission might
entail before embarking upon it, but this morning Fletcher was
summoned to an apartment in Abbeyhill on a mysterious errand. He
decided on a picturesque route to get there, and thus walked the
entire length of the Mile, delivering more certificates of elevation
and accomplishment along the way, and pausing for a rather delicious
al fresco lapsang in the vicinity of Holyrood. The commission turned
out to be a pleasure - meeting old friends from years ago and waking a
gentleman with a mug of tea and a rendition of the Poet McGonagall's
"Edinburgh". Breakfast was served and conversation shared regarding
art, books and the South Seas. But Fletcher could not linger, as he
had an appointment with Butler Newsam and a certain missing gecko at
Pleasance Courtyard, en route to which he accidentally managed to
acquire a quantity of superior Polish studio pottery. Newsam was
forced to depart soon after their encounter, but Fletcher remained in
the Courtyard, reminiscing about old times, before decamping to Hunt
and Darton for some special teal and a chance tryst with a rather
inspiring Canadian storyteller. Thence to the Mile once more, for some
meditative repose on a bollard, being repeatedly photographed as an
unintended living statue, before two stirling performances by old
friends and a fourth monkey in Niddry Street. Convivial drinks were
taken in a centrally placed hostelry before a damp perambulation
homeward through sudden and unexpected rain.

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Newsam said...

'Twas a pleasure to join you both, albeit far too briefly. In the words of that other great poet and tragedian: "Wren shall we three meet again?"