Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Tuesday 6th August - Libraries and Libations

Tuesday saw Fletcher taking a bus out of this crow-ded and bustling
city to far-flung Haddington, where he had an appointment to be of
service in that town's lovely and welcoming library. There he was
greeted by a delightful gathering of local people, whom he regaled for
two hours with stories and recitations of Poet McGonagall, and
received a most appreciative response. He then spent a very pleasant
journey back to this Athens of the North in the company of a most
convivial gentleman with a plethora of fascinating anecdotes about his
life and experiences. After paying solitary homage in Greyfriars
Kirkyard, he made his first visit to Summerhall for the quaffing of
superior vino tinto, a little delicious Indian street food, some
subtle celebrity-spotting, and a rather baffling Russian entertainment
to end a very enjoyable day.

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