Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Thompson's Edinburgh so far...

Having raced through the half way point of Thompson's visit to Edinburgh it was about time he paid some attention to the Butler Blog.

A pleasant and successful festival has been had so far by Thompson and his colleague Fletcher the Butler. Having been slightly concerned prior to the festival this year that sadly only two butlers could offer their services at this years fringe, it does not seem to have affected our coverage of services across the city (although at times we have sadly needed to turn down some commissions due to prior engagements.)

As always it has been wonderful to see old faces and the call of 'The Butlers are here' from across a busy road from eagle-eyed friends of the butlers from past years.

This year I have been having immense enjoyment paying tribute to one of the greatest geniuses who ever devoted their life to the art of showmanship 'The Great Lafayette', who died in 1911 in a tragic fire whilst performing in the Empire Theatre on the site of the current Festival Theatre on Nicholson Street. As well as being an exceptional showman, he also was an exceptionally eccentric gentleman.

It has also been a wonderful opportunity for me to perform some acts of prestidigitation for visitors to the fringe, fellow performers and also some Edinburgh locals.

With only two days left at the fringe, what will the remainder of the festival being for the Butlers.....

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