Monday, 5 August 2013

Monday 5th August -

Arriving yesterday in this Athens of the North, Fletcher was instantly
immersed in the vibrant excitement of the Fringe, taking a tern along
the Mile and hob-nobbing with costumed performers (as well as winning
a hazelnut in an intriguing tombola) before partaking of the delights
of the Hunt and Darton cafe, where Blue Nun was quaffed and an
intimate entertainment was witnessed - Fletcher's first show of this
year's offerings. There followed a delicious dining experience,
accompanied by delightful conversation with friends old and new,
before retiring exhausted after just a few hours of preliminary
butlerial activity. Today was filled with more earnest butling,
firstly meeting a gentleman (one of those much-missed fish who are
kinky) from a train at Waverley Station, before collecting publicity
from a young lady in a state of some deshabille and indulging in a
bout of experimental flyering upon the Royal Mile. A legendary pie
emporium and dispenser of curries were both visited and selected works
of the inestimable William Topaz McGonagall were given in Bristo
Square and Greyfriars Kirkyard, received with equal measures of joy
and confusion. Finally, Fletcher accompanied his Modam to a late-night
offering designed to stimulate grown-ups to new playfulness - a
fitting end to a first full day.

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Newsam said...

It sounds like the year has started very well! I look forward to more news of your divers activities.