Monday, 12 August 2013

Sunday 11th August - Pumping Up the Volume

Having no commissions in the immediate offing, Fletcher was able to
spend an involved morning making unfortunate repairs to the butlerial
conveyance in far-flung Riccarton before hitting the streets of this
Athens of the North and delivering certificates of elevation and
fringal accomplishment to a plethora of deserving venues, not least
the hidden gem of Riddle's Court (Venue 16), where the beauty of the
interior was matched only by the warmth of their reception for an
honest, working Butler, and where Poet McGonagall's "Beautiful
Edinburgh" was given in a secluded and sun-kissed courtyard. A short
perambulation of the Mile was then taken en route to a tryst with
Butler Thompson in Anteaques, where a fragrant darjeeling was imbibed,
accompanied by a delightful rhubarb and hibiscus tart, the pastry of
which was truly exemplary. Thence once again to Summerhall, where
Thompson was introduced to the extraordinary work of Gregor Schneider,
and much intelligent and leisurely conversation was enjoyed plover a
glass or two of Spanish red, before Fletcher placed himself in a room
with a loud and visually spectacular Tesla coil for as long as was
comfortable. By this time, an evening repast was called for, and
Butlers Fletcher and Thompson, along with off-duty Butlers Jancis and
Newsam, the latter recently arrived from distant Liverpool, gathered
in Olly Bongo's for some delicious and exotic fare before a return
visit to a playful and much-admired one man show at the Dragonfly
(Venue 63), following which Butlers Fletcher and Thompson wended their
weary way home, meeting along the way a young gentleman for whom they
had provided their services fully seven years ago, and who still held
the Butlers in great affection and regard. How nice it is to know that
we are remembered long after our modest tasks are done.

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