Thursday, 8 August 2013

Wednesday 7th August - Paying Attention

One of the most experimental services that Butler Fletcher is offering
this year is that of paying attention: for one hour, a person may
engage him to pay attention to them. This involves merely watching
them, carefully and attentively, from a discreet distance, with no
direct interaction between butler and client. Today Fletcher paid
attention for the first time, to a young gentleman whose flyering
activities took him on a breathless journey from Bristo Square, via
Cowgate, to Pleasance Courtyard during his allotted hour. The
experience was a profound one for watcher and watched alike, the
highlight being a moment at 23 minutes when the young gentleman
suddenly exclaimed out loud, "I get it! I'm the show!" This, along
with a pot of special tea at the wonderful Hunt and Darton Cafe, were
the undoubted highlights of a full day. "The Burning of the Exeter
Theatre" was given in Greylag Kirkyard and was much appreciated, but a
visit to Makars' Court again highlighted the sorry lack of recognition
of the Poet McGonagall as being at the forefront of this country's
literary heritage. The evening was concluded with pleasant drinks al
fresco with old friends at the historic Bedlam Theatre.

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