Friday, 16 August 2013

Thursday 15th August - Orientation and Progression

Since the Butlers' sojourn in this Athens of the North nears its
close, Fletcher decided to use today to visit some performances which
he had had no opportunity to experience before now. These had a
distinctly Asian flavour, beginning with a beguiling piece of
traditional Japanese storytelling, which was followed by an early
brunch of delicious German sausage and sauerkraut tops. Thence to
Greyfriars Kirkyard once again, where "Grace Darling, or the Wreck of
the Forfarshire" and "Ode to William McGonagall" were given, and a
chance encounter with a young Spanish gentleman proved somewhat
productive, about whom more anon. Fletcher then wended his way to the
Mile, saltired cupcake in hand, to soak up sights and sounds before
sampling the delights of a Korean theatre company who combined
puppetry and painting to great effect. This, though, was a mere
prelude to a much-anticipated encounter with Ms. Meredith Monk, an
experience which proved most fulfilling. A swift peregrination in the
company of a certain Mr. Hutera was made across the city to
Summerhall, where performances were eschewed in favour of a glass or
two of vino tinto in fascinating and erudite company, and conversation
continued late into the evening, despite the rain, with Fletcher
receiving the great honour of viewing a tiny but significant
exhibition in the company of the impassioned curator, proving once
again that there can be no better place to spend one's leisure hours.
But all good things must come to an end, and Fletcher must needs climb
those stairs to Bedfordshire in order to be fit and spry to walk
tomorrow with Ms. Monique Besten through the environs of Utrecht, yet
another deep honour.

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