Thursday, 8 August 2013

Thursday 8th August - Topaz

A day of extraordinary moments, as Fletcher continued to wander the
Fringe and let meaningful events come to him. An early morning stroll
led to meetings with a variety of lovely people, not least a most
valued enthusiast and nominator of the Butlers, before a spot of
exquisite Japanese green tea was taken in the immaculate surroundings
of Anteaques. Then, certain Certificates of Elevation delivered,
Fletcher paused in Summerhall long enough to sample the starling and
profound experience created by Gregor Schneider, before rushing
pell-mell to Tron Kirk and a tryst with a young gentleman from Dundee
who was introduced to the Poet McGonagall on a butlerial tour which
concluded at Makars' Court, where said young gentleman chalked a
memorial on to the literary paving. Thence to the Hunt and Darton Cafe
once more, and a meeting with a man recently arrived from Cambridge by
bicycle, with whom was shared tea, Tunnock's and an environment of
playful whimsy. By this time, the rain had come and Fletcher made his
way to the Mile where he sheltered various young flyerers with his
umbrella, notably a young lady from Cambridge who inadvertently
revealed the hidden significance of Poet McGonagall's middle name, and
who received his "Billy Bowls the Sailor" in grateful return. A cider
of Scotland and a soup of Taiwan brought this busy day to a satisfied

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