Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Monday 12th August - Song and Dance

How interesting to see Summerhall so early in the morning, with sleep
still in its eyes, and to sit in the sun-dappled quadrangle with a
tasty cup of coffee whilst a smattering of visitors and plethora of
staff bustle past. Fletcher was there to partake of a fascinating talk
by a nominating friend of the Butlers, following which he spent a
precious few minutes in the company of a tie man before wending his
way to a luncheon with Butler Newsam, indulging a tradition for al
fresco spice. Fortified by their curries, the two Butlers then made a
visit to Greyfriars Kirkyard, where Fletcher gave the Poet
McGonagall's "An Address to Shakespeare", whilst Newsam offered "The
Beautiful Sun". But it was soon time to venture down to the New Town,
ukelele banjo in hand, in response to a complex and challenging
commission which saw Fletcher singing and playing his banjo in the
very public setting of the Spiegel Terrace to an accomplished ukelele
band from Frome, assisted by the ever-dependable Butler Thompson. A
delicious aperol and prosecco concoction was required to recover from
such overt performance, and to prepare for a full evening of service,
in which Fletcher and Thompson served multifarious beverages to a
heady mix of distinguished artists and theatre types at the Pheasance
Dome. Fletcher was required to undertake one more commission before
evening's end, collecting a much-needed wax jacket from the
sallubrious surroundings of the Hotel Missoni, and the day was done.

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